Monday, 22 September 2014

A lot to tell you ..

So ... What's been going on!... 
Well ....
1) I've just started a new job, as my previous one was beginning to take a toll on my knees and back (it wasn't the job I took on!  When I started there it was a home ware gift shop with lovely little gifts, cards, art .. things like that .. then we became a stockist for Annie Sloan paint .. which, by the way, is FAB! but, carrying pots of paint or crawling round on the floor looking for tester pots just wasn't what my knackered old body could do ~ now, in my mind I might be a sprightly 21 year old, but my body says 'hang on there you .. you can't do that!') .. so, sadly I had to leave! Having said that, after two days at my new job I'm loving it and it's still great! Lol! And I knotch up a bit of body magic to and from the workplace! So that's good!
2) Without the betablockers, my energy levels seem to have gone up, so that's fab!
3) My Little Blue One is settled in sixth form (after a very wobbly start at a different sixth form!) .. one relieved Mummy here I can tell you ...
And ....
4) My weight is coming off ... v e r y  s l o w l y!
It's all good though .. so for now
Happy Days!

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