Sunday, 5 October 2014

An emotional week!

Phew!  Seem to want to cry lots atm .. and eat rubbish!!!!
So .. this is why ..... this week .....
Our lovely adopted rabbit had to be put down ... we had her for about 18 months ....she was a lovely, deaf, free roaming little thing who, after nine months with us, would allow me to stoke her!  I will miss her and her little twitchy nose!

One of Little Blue One's fish left us too!
Little Pink One had a sickness episode at school ...
I put on 2.5lbs!!!
A migraine (hadn't had one for a long while!)
Casualty on tv last night!!!!! What a shock! Me and Little Pink One cried and cried!!!!

Then to add to that .. and I'm really sad about it .. my new job, which I love, is giving me backache!!!  Now, I reckon I need words about how low the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet is and needing a new chair! I really want to stay there!

So, this week I need to lose my gain, have a little chat to my boss, brace myself for the next episode of Casualty and de- rabbit the garden so I don't keep spying her hutch and run (both of which she hardly ever used anyway!).

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