Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Goodness me .. what am I like!!!!

I don't know, I seem to be bumbling along eating healthy meals (sort of) then eating RUBBISH snacks in between!!! What am I doing?!?!?!
Now, there are a few things that I'm stumbling over ...I am missing my babes who are away for two weeks, I am having my bathroom and cloakroom gutted and furnished so there are workmen in the house, all my counter tops are just dust and I'm getting them biscuits (which, because I've no willpower whatsoever, I'm eating!!!) and I'm really fed up of just not feeling right!
But, why does this make me eat rubbish???????

I'd gained 1.5 last week and I can only assume it will be a monumental gain again this week!!!!!  Roll on Thursday to see!!!

Trying to start this holiday week off with better intentions ..
I've just made roasted vegetable soup for lunch and we took delivery of this yummy looking box of fruit and vegetables ...

Let's see what Thursday holds shall we?????

Happy Days! xx

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