Monday, 1 July 2013

Sad ... again ..I'm such a SELFISH COW!

... I was ironing my Little Blue One's shirt, that's all .. but it made me feel sad .. things are happening and I feel I'm losing too many people albeit in different ways ... Rita going has hit me in a big way, one ~I cannot even describe, because I don't really understand it! ...  LBO is staying with his dad for the next few weeks because he's doing work experience in London with him .. and I just feel it's another step away from me and into his big wide world ... I feel/I know he'll have a great two weeks!
LPO is so independent now, bless her!  I don't need to sort her out in the mornings for school, pack for her weekends away .. do her hair ...silly things that I used to do... nothing! I'm so not needed!
My babies' are so growing up! (I know I should be happy, and I am .. but I'm also sad .. I'm so very proud of them).

This is all me feeling sorry for myself, for my loss, for my inadequacies, for my lack of will power! For my lack of being ...
I need to sort myself out .. I'm all over the place, cry at the drop of a hat, eat anything that stays still long enough and is small enough to fit in my cake hole!!!!

Right!  Enough of this Me, Me Me ....

Slimming World .... here I come!

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