Friday, 19 July 2013

Must take off my rose tinted specs! ...

... In my mind I'm gorgeous, slim, stunning, clever .. you know .. all those kinda things ...
Well yesterday I had a bit of a reality check and realsied I'm not!
I went into town to meet, have a coffee and a good old chat with my gorgeous, lovely friend. When she went off to work I pottered around town a bit ... it was hot!!!!  I thought  'I know, I'll pop into the charity shops to get a few more cooler clothes!' Simples!!!
Well I got;
a skirt (That'll look good on me, it'll hang nicely, it'll fit! I'll look great!)
a top (That'll go with the skirt nicely!)
another top (Bit warm for now, but in the cooler evenings ~ perfect!)
In reality;
a skirt ( looks like I'm wearing a big white tent! My tummy's so big the skirt stands out miles from my legs ... I look MASSIVE (cos I am!), what was I thinking!!!!)
a top (fits ok .. but, boy, what are those flabby, wobbly bit under my arms!!!! Plus it looks huge on with the skirt cos the skirt sits out so far!!!)
another top (Yeah right! Who was I kidding eh! Me get in a size 18! Was I having a laugh!!!)
So,  I must dispose of my rose tinted specs and face the truth .. I'm not stunning, gorgeous and slim .. I'm fat, ugly, short and should hang my head in shame .. oh and stop eating crap!!!!!

Happy Days!


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