Wednesday, 10 July 2013


I'm mentally exhausted today ... Really low... I've had a couple of, to me, major events over the last few days and now I'm done in! 
I'm really missing Little Blue One who's having a great, albeit very tiring time at work experience in the City, bless him and I can't wait for him to come home tomorrow!
My Little Pink One had dental surgery on Friday .. A very hot, long day indeed .. And it was hard to be strong and not show my worry!  Anyway I was with her when she went under and then I cried .. So I had managed ...
Everything went well .. She came round giggling, sore, bloody and swollen, but giggling!!!  bless her!  She was five teeth lighter .. Three baby teeth that were hanging on in there, a perfectly good adult tooth that had to be removed because she hasn't got the adult one on the other side to match!  (A thing from her Father (interesting actually as her father hasn't got either of his, her brother has only the opposite one, so between them there're the same as their father! ) The other interesting thing is both the Littlies are under the same company Anglian Orthodontics, but Little Blue One at Cambridge and Little Pink One at Hinchingbrook... Little Pink One has had her one removed and the braces will space all the rest of the teeth out evenly so she'll look symmetrical,  but, Little Blue One has kept his and will be having a false one put in to make his smile symmetrical!  So, same company, different views on how to deal with the same problem!!!).
The last adult tooth LPO had removed was impacted into her jaw so they had to cut into her jaw a bit to remove it .. From what I can see, there's three stitches!
That night, needless to say I didn't sleep well as I kept checking that she was alright ... She was, bless her and she slept through, she was exhausted! 
We had a quietish weekend as LPO was sore and swollen and that gave me a chance to brace myself for Monday.

Monday: the day Rita was laid to rest!  My chance to say my goodbyes to a beautiful, bubbly woman who has left a gaping hole in my life.  A lovely, Humanist ceremony, on yet another hot, sunny day!  The birds were singing, the flowers shone in the sun and Rita slid away behind the curtains... A chocking moment!  Good night Rita, sleep well!

Time to sort myself out ..I'd lost 1.5lbs this week .. A first for a very long time!

Off out for lunch with a soft, calm, petit lady with an aura about her .. I love meeting with her!

I'll get there, I know I will!!!!


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