Sunday, 23 June 2013

Today I lost a part of me.

Today I lost a very close, loving friend.
Taken away suddenly, too soon!

To me, Rita, you were ...

Little: I could put my arm around you for a hug and you fitted in the crook perfectly.

Wicked: You had the most naughty, wicked sense of humour. Your eye's twinkled with wickedness!

Giggly: I missed many a snippet of information because of you telling me something to make us giggle.

Soft: I loved giving you a peck goodbye on your soft cheek.

Nagging: Oh you did tell me off if I'd not looked after myself properly, or done something I shouldn't have! Or indeed eaten something naughty (but we'd laugh about it because you'd have done the same!).

Caring: Rita you really did care about me, you took over when my Mum said to me 'sod You!' and hasn't spoken to me since ... You weren't going to be kept away from seeing me in hospital, you checked I had done all the things I needed to, asked the right questions, and always checked if I needed you to come with me to the hospital. You were there to listen to me, to guide me, to care about me and my family!

Supportive and strong:  You were a tough cookie alright, no nonsense, no faffing, straight talking, big loving life buoy and I loved you for it!

Open: Rita, you were always truthful and open and honest! I knew you said what you felt and how you saw things... A spade was indeed a spade to you!

Creative: you loved all the twiddling, fiddling, experimenting, that craft's offer .. We had many a good conversation/class about cards and knitting and sewing. You were going to teach my Little Pink One to sew (which she was so looking forward to). Every little bit and bob could be used for something... You saw possibilities in everything.

Sensitive: People hurt you  ... You hated unhappiness and took it really hard if someone turned on you, all you ever did was give, and some people just took, took took and that hurt and bewildered you, that made your friends and George and Colin sad.

There was so much more for us to do Rita, we were going to put the world to rights, then decorate it with loveliness, fill it with cards and make everyone happy! We were going to go out and enjoy it!

Rita, for a little lady you've left a big hole in my life!
I shall never forget you, my lovely!

Rita, I know there were lots of things you did that I, obviously, never had a part in, like your bingo, your family and things like that... But I did hear of them ... I wish them all the strength and love they'll need to carry on without you! My thoughts, love and sympathy go out to them all.

Sleep in peace Rita, may there be a Big Shot up there for you!  God bless Mate!

Rita:  21April 1933 ~ 23 June 2013


  1. Beautifully said ,i only knew her for about 18 months but in that time i saw all those things you cherish ,i wish i could have known her longer ,crafting will never be the same there is still so much i need to learn :(
    Heaven has truly gained an angel ,give her a week and they will all be sticking,cutting ,decoupaging and learning things they never thought possible with a piece of lace ,Sleep well lovely lady xxx

  2. That is such a tribute. Sleep well, Rita and god bless. xx