Monday, 17 June 2013

Chicken'd out last week ..

... thinking about doing it again this week!!!! Slimming World is not slimming me!

What a lot going on at the moment ... I have a scan tomorrow to see what all this lump business is about .. and possibly another laparoscopy  to follow with the understanding that if he finds something he WILL open me up and it WILL set me back!!!!!!! Ho hum!  Happy days ... NOT!

So .. once again, sitting  here thinking about things and I was wondering if I'm feeling very negative towards my weight loss gain... and was thinking if I started again ... it wouldn't seem so bad that I'd, in Oct 2012, lost 3 stone and now I've put on about two of them!!!!!  Start with a clean slate and try again!!!!  What do you reckon?!?!?!
Anyway ... let's see what tomorrow brings!

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