Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The slippery pole ....

.... to unhappiness!  And I'm on it!  The more I eat, the more I put on weight, the more unhappy I am, the more I eat!!!!!!!!  I wanna jump off .. so why can't I!
Well, I was asking myself this only last night, whilst telling myself off for chickening out of going to my lovely SW group of supportive ladies and gentlemen (and they are), and I think it's the feeling of failure I'll get if I go, weigh in and have gained again, I don't want that! .. I'm sure I will have gained what with birthdays and eating out last week, and kiddies chocolate eggs.. and, and , and .. shoving anything that doesn't move into my mouth!!!!!  So I worry about it, whilst eating rubbish, and put it off, and worry about it and eat, and worry about it, and put it off .... 
Can I take another "You're rubbish, can't you do anything right" feeling I've had pummeled onto me in the past!!!!
Right need to get my happy, smiley, jolly face on ready for the afternoon .. and stop eating white chocolate cookies(that I didn't need and bought along with a white roll!!! *See how rubbish is that!!!)

Happy Days!

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