Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Better than last week ....

.... even though it was, yet again, a gain!!!!

No seriously though .. it was only a small one ~ 1lb .. which now makes my total loss 1 stone 12lbs!
I think if I'd gained any more than two it would have been a down week!!!
So a positive start to Tuesday morning, (Alpen light bar, coffee semi skimmed milk) ... Tuedsay lunchtime(baked potato, beans, 25g cheese) .. Tuesday tea time(SW Chilli and rice, pineapple for pud) .. this morning(Alpen light, coffee semi skimmed milk) W=into town for coffee with best buddy and drank herbal tea!  .. this lunch time (SW mini quiches, that I made last night, salad, 70% salad cream and mini pot of Philadelphia lightest with 3 crackerbreads)!! Yeeeehhhaaaaaaa!  All's good! One and a half good days under my belt!
Tonight's tea will be either SW chips with SW 'KFC' chicken or the SW Thai green curry made with the greek style coconut yogurts that are .5 syns each!
Another bit of body magic tonight in helping Little Blue One do his paper round .. it is a lovely, sunny day!!

I want to say 'I think I might have got my mojo back' .. but I don't want to jinx it!

Happy Days! xxx

8768 steps.

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  1. Yay i like this blog,hope the rest of your week has gone ok so far xxx