Wednesday, 10 April 2013

OK ....

.... well the past two days haven't been too bad food wise ... Only 2 chocolates yesterday .. and none today!!! 
Went into Cambridge with The Littlies  .. we needed to leave room in the house for things that were being done and hubby was overseeing!
We walked to the bus stop and caught the guided bus, got off and wandered around the Grand Arcade.. The Littlies wanted lunch so we ate at Jamie's Italian, which was nice as I love the building, but too over priced I reckon...I had a burger, no chips or sauces or anything! Then the littlies, a bit later, wanted creamy coolers from Costa, I had diet coke (I love the creamy coolers!).. I did though try a little sip of them both! ... done lots of walking ...Chicken thai curry tonight SW style!

Happy Days!

10370 steps.

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