Sunday, 11 August 2013

I'm a gymnast!

Well not really, but, as I was going through our SW posts, I got to thinking about how we are all just doing our thing along the balance bar of life and sometimes we wobble a bit and sometimes we fall off!! 
It's not our fault ... just a little slip up and off we fall  (it's too easy, you see, as the balance bar is only thin)!!!  Falling off is all part of life! Wobbling is all part of life!!!  But we can soon sort it out, jump right back on and carry on to the final performance (target),  it might take months, it might take years but we'll get there.... because we want to!!  All we need is to:
Concentrate (plan),
Get the steps right (eat properly)
Have confidence in ourselves
Practice new moves (try different meals)
To get to that perfect performance! (Target).

Now! Off I go to chalk up my hands and get rid of my leotard wedgie!!!!

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