Friday, 23 August 2013

Free from Jail!!!

Tee hee .. We're back from a short stay here ... The House of Correction!

It was great.... a weird, whacky, spooky, dark impressive kinda place!
The narrowest building we'd seen!

It's owned by The Landmark trust and is in Folkingham, Lincolnshire ...
Underneath the building, through the hidden trap door are the four cells!  We went down there, with torches, but it was still scary .... and very cold!!!!
We had a fab view from our bedroom window ...

And a lovely one when sat in bed drinking our early, morning cuppa ... 

Whilst there we visited Lincoln, which was busy, but we loved it ...

And when we went to Sleaford we found an even thinner building ...

A teeny, tiny jewellery shop! Sooo cute!

We all had a super time, though I have to say, when away with the Littlies it's much harder to eat healthy!!!!!
Wonder what Tuesday's weigh in will hold!  

Happy days!

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