Sunday, 11 August 2013

Home again ...

.. Well I can safely say we had a super fab time in Paris, the weather held out for us and the sights were spectacular! We both walked and walked and walked lots of body magic, which is good.... The food, on the other hand, was a bit more of a minefield!!!!  I opted for salads as much as I could but they always seem to come swimming in oil!!! So I would drain whatever I could off and eat the rest, but two things sprang to mind whilst eating them ... 1,  was why do they put so much on and 2,  why do they enjoy eating VERY slimy leaves!!! No crisp salad leaves at all!!! How weird is that!?!?! 
No chocolate consumed whatsoever!!!! I can't believe it!!!!   And only two treats of pudding .. One crepe with Nutella and one creme brûlée, my most favourite of all deserts!!  
So I think our trip to SW, hubby joining too, before we went has helped me, certainly, make some different choices, right choices!   Who knows what the scales will tell tomorrow!  

Happy days! Xx

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