Friday, 23 September 2016


Such a long time since I last posted ...
To be honest I've been very busy with getting myself better, being in hospital, again, with a scare, work (full time now) and getting my eldest to University! He's only been there a week and I'm missing him .. he's having a whale of a time though.... party, party party!!!!
Youngest is, having just started sixth form, enjoying life too ... party, party, party .. though, finishing at more sociable hours!!!
Well I have, once again, joined SW .. I had to find one that I hadn't failed at ... luckily, a lovely little group in the next door village and it's over the side of town where I work, so I can just go there straight from work! Result!
My weigh in was a bit of a shocker!!!!! but in three weeks I've lost 7.5lbs.. so that's ok!
I'm trying to lose enough, so it shows, a bit, by Christmas!
Here's hoping!!!

Happy Days!

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