Thursday, 11 June 2015

A black day...

....for me today... For not only am I still looking at this view ..

But this morning I hit another stone zone in the wrong direction!!!!!
I haven't been this weight since my third weigh in at SW on the 23/1/2012!!!!
So, on the whole leg/ knee thing, I'm still very uncomfortable and no further on than I was three weeks ago .. In fact I'm pretty sure the calf has got worse!
The knee still hurts and I can't fully extend my leg without it feeling like it's going to snap! Therefore whenever possible I keep the leg elevated ... I presume it helps with the swelling, though one wouldn't think so if they looked at it!
I just love sporting crutches .. I always think they look so cool! NOT!!!!

Now, on the weight front I was devastated this morning ... Really couldn't believe it!
I can only put some of the gains down to my lack of movement, the rest is down to my spiral of unhappiness ... I gain weight, I hurt, I hate myself, I eat! I gain weight, I hate myself, I eat! I hurt, I eat, I'm unhappy, I eat .. You get the drift!
Back to Physio next week .. See what they have to say ...

Ugh! I hate me!

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