Thursday, 15 January 2015

So ...

.. today I am suffering for my terrible choices I made yesterday!
I went to the health food shop to get my golden linseed, after work, while hungry! Not my best move!
5 minutes later I came out with said linseed, peanuts and raisins in chocolate and a mix they call Roulette! Again, another bad move on my part!
I got home and then, wait for it, proceeded to eat my way through, not only one, but, each of the bags of mixed nuts! Really bad move!
Today, my sad, diverticulitis riddled gut is SORE!  All my own doing!!!!
Goodness only knows how many syns I consumed!!!

Today I'm drinking lemon water and feeling not only sorry for myself, but really really annoyed with myself and stupid!!!!

Ho hum!

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