Monday, 21 October 2013

Past that date!

Well it's just over a year now since I went into hospital and, today, a year ago, was the day they cut me open!  
I was, stupidly I know, worrying that it might happen again! But, of course, it didn't!!!  
Having said that I'm still not 100%, in fact even today my tummy began hurting and doing the thing that's like having Braxton hicks! Most strange! 
Am I ever going to be back to where I was? I know the weight's not there yet, I gained .5 lb tonight, but will, apart from the ugly scar, my tummy ever not hurt again like before the op?!?!? 
So, to get back, weight wise to where I was a year ago I need to lose ... Wait for it!........... 1 stone 1.5 lbs!   Bummer!
I feel like giving up .. But I won't .... I don't think!

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